MABEC Priorities

Long-term priorities supporting MABEC's mission:

  1. Promote and support the use of sustainable biomass feedstocks for heat and/or combined heat and power (CHP) applications;
  2. Promote and provide guidance on clean, efficient, biomass heat and power (CHP) technologies and installations; and
  3. Educate end users and policy makers how biomass can be used to meet the heat and power needs of the Mid-Atlantic region in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible manner;
  4. Continue to consider support of innovative biomass energy technologies that can help grow the industry (e.g., ORC, nanotechnology); and
  5. Improve recycling of organic material co-products, including nutrients.

2017 Outreach Goals

  • Produce the premier biomass-energy event for the Mid-Atlantic region: MABEX-The Mid-Atlantic Biomass Energy Conference and Expo
  • Organize at least 4 101- and 201-style workshops to build bioenergy awareness and help to cultivate new potential customers and supporters of biomass energy systems
  • Produce at least 4 biomass energy webinars
  • Create and distribute a “Did You Know?” series of facts and figures about biomass energy to raise the level of education about our industry
  • Support the PA Statewide Wood Energy Team (SWET)

2017 Policy Goals

  • Advocate in Harrisburg for favorable state-level biomass policy
  • Develop stronger relationships with allied organizations like PennVest and others who can support PBEA’s mission
  • Leverage the activities of national trade association members like the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and the American Biogas Council to advocate for favorable biomass policy in Washington, DC

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