About Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association (PBEA). We would be delighted to have you as part of the state’s first industry-driven, non-profit association working to advance the use of sustainable biomass for local clean heat and power projects.
Residential or commercial. Forest, field or agriculture based. From equipment manufacturers and project developers to farmers, foresters, engineers and architects – anyone dealing with biomass in Pennsylvania should consider joining PBEA.
Pennsylvania has a rich and diverse biomass industry. Your membership in PBEA will ensure that your business’ voice is heard.A few reasons why you should join PBEA:
  1. Getting the Message Out About Biomass – One of PBEA’s core missions is to educate potential end users and policy makers on how biomass can be used to meet the heating, cooling, and power needs of Pennsylvanians in a cost effective, and environmentally responsible manner. PBEA has scheduled a full roster of field tours, open houses, and other hands-on events around the state to help target groups understand biomass energy and its role in a local economy, and why it must be part of the state’s energy portfolio. We also invite members to get involved through participation in the member-led Education & Outreach Committee.
  2. Regulatory and Government Affairs – PBEA closely monitors state and federal legislation and regulations that affect your business. PBEA has experienced government affairs staff representing the industry in Harrisburg, and partners with regional and national groups to stay active at the federal level. We strive to keep members informed on the latest developments related to biomass. We also invite members to get involved through participation in the member-led Policy Committee.
  3. Get Connected – PBEA brings industry leaders from across the biomass spectrum together. Our community of members and affiliated organizations include companies, nonprofits, and universities. This provides valuable networking opportunities, while creating the strongest voice possible to represent biomass in Pennsylvania and throughout the region.