About Us

The Mid-Atlantic Bioenergy Council (MABEC) is the non-profit trade association representing the use of biomass to produce clean heat, power, fuels and soil amendments throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We educate and advocate for the use of biomass for all kinds of energy in the residential, small business, commercial, institutional, agricultural, and industrial sectors.


  • Promote and support the use of sustainable biomass feedstocks for heat and/or combined heat and power (CHP) applications;
  • Promote and provide guidance on clean, efficient, biomass heat and power (CHP) technologies and installations; and
  • Educate end users and policy makers how biomass can be used to meet the heat and power needs of the Mid-Atlantic region in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible manner;
  • Continue to consider support of innovative biomass energy technologies that can help grow the industry (e.g., ORC, nanotechnology); and
  • Improve recycling of organic material co-products, including nutrients.

Where it All Started

In 2011, the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association (PBEA) formed as an outgrowth of the PA Biomass Working Group and the PA Fuels for Schools programs. Both of these programs were informal coalitions of businesses, organizations, and individuals that shared a common vision that biomass is an abundant, affordable natural resource that should be used in an environmental responsible manner for thermal applications. As the number and type of biomass projects in Pennsylvania was expanding, so did the need to establish a formal organization to support the growth of the industry.

With support from the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund the PA Biomass Working Group began laying the organizational framework of a formal association – the PA Biomass Energy Association (PBEA). By November 2011, PBEA incorporated, elected its first Board of Directors and started to plan its 2012 activities. PBEA held its inaugural member meeting on February 2, 2012, at Harman Stoves manufacturing plant in Halifax.

In January 2018, the PBEA became the Mid-Atlantic Bioenergy Council (MABEC), expanding the focus of the organization to all Mid-Atlantic states.