MABEC Priorities

Some of our top priorities to support MABEC's mission:

Outreach to Build the Bioenergy Market

  • Produce the premier biomass-energy event for the Mid-Atlantic region: MABEX-The Mid-Atlantic BioEnergy Conference and Expo
  • Produce energy webinars to provide a platform for members and to spread education about bioenergy, starting with topics discerned through last MABEX conference.
  • Distribute “Did You Know?” series of facts and figures about biomass energy to raise the level of education about our industry


  • Advocate for favorable state-level biomass policy while making the association aware of detrimental policies and their impacts.
  • Work with allied organizations to introduce legislation that requires organics recycling in PA, MD, NJ and/or NY
  • Leverage the activities of national trade association members like the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, Biomass Power Association, Renewable Thermal Collaborative, American Biogas Council and the Pellet Fuels Institute to advocate for favorable biomass policy in the Mid-Atlantic states
  • Develop stronger relationships with allied organizations who can support MABEC’s mission

Member Services

  • Send monthly MABEC newsletter to distribute member and industry news and share MABEC events and programs.
  • Promote bioenergy business milestones by MABEC