Education, Outreach and Marketing

Mission: Execute projects that build biomass energy education and attract potential customers of biomass energy systems

  • Tom Wilson, Wilson Engineering Services, PC- CHAIR
  • John Costlow, Sustainable Energy Fund
  • Mike Palko, Biomass Renewable Energy, LLC
  • Geoff Bristow, PA Department of Environmental Protection
  • Kelly Sanders, Sustainable Energy Fund
  • Bruce Miller, Penn State EMS Energy Institute
  • Barbara Robuck, West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund
  • Joel Morrison, West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund
  • Paul Lewandowski, AFS Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Keith Henn, Tetra Tech, Inc.
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Organics Recycling

Mission: Encourage organics recycling policies throughout the Mid-Atlantic

  • Rich Shroeder, BioResource Management Inc
  • Paul Kohl, Philadelphia Water Department
  • Peter Ettinger, BTS Bioenergy, Inc
  • Geoff Bristow, PA Dept. of Environmental Protection
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