2018 Federal Green Challenge Award Winners in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Recognition is an important part of the Federal Green Challenge (FGC). Awards were given in the categories of overall achievement and water, electronics and green purchasing, education and outreach, leadership, innovation, waste, and transportation in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In Region 3, which serves Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, the 2018 regional award winners are the Department of Justice’s Federal Correction Institution, McDowell; the Missile Defense Agency; the James E. Van Zandt Veterans Affairs Medical Center; the Wilkes Barres Veterans Affairs Medical Center; NASA’s Langley Research Center; the Merit Systems Protection Board; and GSA’s Joseph F. Weis, Jr. U.S. Courthouse. The award winners shared details about their diversion activities, and about their awards with EPA. Below are the stories they tell behind their accomplishments.

More: https://www.epa.gov/fgc/2018-federal-green-challenge-award-winners-mid-atlantic-region