Bioenergy DevCo Buys BTS Biogas to Expand Anaerobic Digestion Technology Globally

Bioenergy DevCo, a leading global developer of anaerobic digestion facilities that create renewable energy and healthy soil products, announced today that it has acquired BTS Biogas, which will operate as an affiliate and enable new operation and expansion of anaerobic digestion in North America.

Headquartered in Bruneck, Italy, BTS Biogas is a European pioneer in the field of anaerobic digestionwith a 20-year history in the industry and 200 plants located around the world. Bytransforming organic waste into natural gas and an organic soil amendment,anaerobic digestion reduces landfill waste, as well as carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The acquisition enables Bioenergy DevCoto increase BTS Biogas’ technology footprint in North America, working closely with municipalities and companies to help them efficiently, cleanly and affordably dispose of organic waste while producing clean, renewable natural gasthat can be used by utilities.