Causer bill to aid dairy farmers, milk haulers earns House approval

Recognizing the unique nature of the dairy industry, the House on Tuesday approved Rep. Martin Causer’s (R-Turtlepoint) bill to exempt milk trucks from weather-related commercial vehicle travel bans in the Commonwealth.”No matter the weather, cows continue to produce milk, and there is only so much room in each farmer’s bulk tanks,” Causer said. “If the trucks can’t get to our dairy farms to pick up the milk, our already-struggling dairy farmers will have no choice but to dump it. My bill will help ensure this doesn’t happen.”

Causer introduced House Bill 915 in response to the Wolf administration issuing a disaster emergency declaration this winter in which commercial vehicles were banned three times from some portions or all of the state’s interstate highways in anticipation of snow or ice accumulations this past winter.

Under the bill, milk haulers who wish to be exempt during travel bans would have to obtain a decal issued by the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board. More >>