Could Virginia lead the nation in poo power?

RICHMOND, Va. – Bet you never thought a bunch of suits would be talking about poo power.

Virginia-based companies, Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods, announced a multi-million dollar partnership Tuesday to convert methane into natural gas. The $250 million initiative is called Align Renewable Natural Gas.

This endeavor is bringing us together to build more sustainable future,” Dominion Energy President and CEO Thomas Farrell said.

Talk about natural gas – literally.

90 percent of Smithfield’s hog farms in Virginia, North Carolina and Utah will be capturing methane gas from pigs. There are 19 farms in Virginia that are part of the project. Company leaders say this is one of the largest initiatives of it’s kind in the nation to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“Together over the next 10 years, we will lower carbon emissions in Virginia, North Carolina and Utah. We will mitigate environmental concerns,” Smithfield Food President and CEO Kenneth Sullivan said.

The manure waste from barns will be collected and put into treatment facilities on the property, that company officials described as “covered lagoons.” The poo’s methane¬†is then converted to natural gas.

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