Governor‰Ûªs Office Reaches Agreement With Senate On Clean Power Plan Review Bill

The Senate TuesdayåÊadopted an amendmentåÊtoåÊSenate Bill 1195åÊ(White-R-Indiana) by a vote of 47 to 3 that represented an agreement between the Governor‰Ûªs Office the Senate on how any plan DEP develops in response toåÊEPA‰Ûªs Clean Power Climate PlanåÊwill be reviewed by the General Assembly.åÊThe Senate then passed the bill Wednesday by a vote of 41 to 9.åÊ The bill now goes to the House for action.åÊ TheåÊHouse Environmental Resources and Energy CommitteeåÊis likely to move the bill on June 13. Learn More>>

A summary of the amendmentåÊis available online.

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