NGV Measures Advance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada, have gotten a boost to advance natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleets and fueling stations.

The Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIG) program of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection approved more than $1.6 million to support 19 projects using natural gas and other alternative fuels, such as propane and biodiesel.

“These grants will not only help put more alternative fuel vehicles on the road, but also expand the infrastructure needed to drive Pennsylvania forward by reducing air pollution from cars, trucks and buses,” said Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. “With rollbacks on fuel efficiency coming from the federal government, grants like AFIG to encourage smarter and cleaner fuels are critical to reducing air pollution from transportation in Pennsylvania.”

Eleven grants from under $10,000 to nearly $500,000 were provided for vehicle purchases, fueling stations and technology advances.

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