Results of the 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge

The 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge took place from Nov. 9 – 13, featuring 10 stoves in competition and 3 showcase stoves. The stoves were selected and judged by members of the Organizing Committee.  The Alliance for Green Heat (AGH) was the principal architect, organizer and host of the event.  Each of the 10 competition stoves received a $10,000 grant made possible by the DOE’s Bioenergy Technology Office.

Automated Stoves:

* First Prize for automated stoves: Wittus.  Great performance on particulate matter, CO, efficiency and safety.

*Second prize for automated stoves: SBI. A fully automated non-catalytic stove using only 2 sensors that may only cost $500 more than if it were non-automated.

Thermoelectric Stoves:

First prize for thermoelectric stoves: Wittus – again;  The highest electric output of up to 250 watts, and an integrated design that can maintain stable electric output.

Second prize for thermoelectric: Vulcan Energy, using the Wiseway pellet stove that produced more than 100 watts and good PM reduction.

* Innovation prize: SBI, for simplicity.  The use of only one thermocouple and a sensor on the door, enabled the designers to regulate the stove despite attempts by the testers to turn the heat demand down and make it perform poorly.

The People’s Choice Award: 509 Fabrications.  Despite being a new, small company without an extensive social media network, the 509 Fabrications pressed log stove was a consumer favorite, garnering more votes than any other stove.