Veteran Small Business, Re4ormed Organics, Wins First Place for MD Biogas Project

And the Winners Are…

Congrats to the winners of the food & beverage edition of the StreetShares Foundation Veteran Small Business Award! These finalists will receive a trip to Orlando to pitch their business live at the Military Influencer’s Conference, where first, second, and third place will be determined. Without further ado, the winners are….

Mark Mhley, Re4ormed Organics

Born from the Marine Corps’ search for deployable, renewable energy systems, Re4ormed Organics’ anaerobic digester technology addresses two challenges facing today’s food and beverage industry: food and farm waste management.
In Maryland, only 1/7th of food waste is composted; there is tremendous demand for food-waste recycling capacity to support public/private waste-reduction goals. Simultaneously across American farms, especially within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, there is high demand for manure management to prevent dangerous nutrient runoff, but near-zero capacity. Re4ormed’s technology and business model provide a farm-to-table-to-farm solution that recycles organic waste on-farm into renewable energy and 4 commodities: methane, soil-amendment, purified hot water, and carbon dioxide. Our business model is a win-win partnership with each farm and community: Re4ormed builds and owns each digester using public and private financing, partners with each farm to produce commodities, shares net profits while zeroing out energy costs, and provides an organic waste processing hub for the community. Prior to joining Re4ormed, Ace Sarich, a retired Navy SEAL and DARPA developer, led development of the U.S. Naval Academy’s food “Waste-to-Watts” digester in Annapolis, MD., which demonstrates this scalable, affordable, and deployable source of renewable electricity. Inspired to transfer this technology to the commercial sector, Mark Mhley retired from the Navy in 2017 and founded Re4ormed. In May 2018, the Maryland Energy Administration awarded our team a grant to build our first animal-waste digester on a Maryland farm.
With a Veteran Small Business Award, we intend to develop our soil-amendment product into a garden soil to increase its utility and market-value. At Re4ormed, we’re doing more than developing waste-to-energy systems for the military and commercial sectors. We’re joining veteran-owned small businesses nationwide that are building jobs for veterans and military spouses, energy and environmental resiliency in our communities, and innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

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