What’s happening with biomass?

Lack of government support and diminishing end markets for C&D wood biomass fuel have led to stagnation over the past five years.

When a construction and demolition (C&D) recycling facility separates wood from other processed debris, it can be used as mulch, compost, alternative daily cover (ADC) for landfills and biomass fuel.

Biomass fuel is processed wood that can be used to produce heat, electrons, biochemicals or bioproducts. According to Jordan Solomon, president of Toronto-based biomass feedstock supplier and consulting firm Ecostrat, these byproducts have a number of applications: Electrons can be used in a power plant to produce electricity; heat can be used in thermal applications, such as for heating a building or greenhouse; biochemicals can be used to produce specialty chemicals such as ethanol; and bioproducts can be used to produce mulch, panelboard or particleboard, or sound barriers that could be mixed with cement for highway construction.

“The wood fiber part of the C&D stream can be used in a number of different applications,” Solomon says.

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