Report: Pennsylvania needs organic recycling law to reduce food waste

Dive Brief:

  • Philabundance, a nonprofit food bank based in Pennsylvania, released a new report with 28 recommendations for reducing food waste in the state. Researched by the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (HFLPC), the report gives particular emphasis to passing a state food waste recycling law and standardizing date labeling regulations.
  • The report recommends enacting an organic waste ban similar to what four New England states have done. Gradually phasing in requirements for all generators, with an emphasis on food recovery, is seen as most preferable.
  • Pennsylvania currently has 48 composting facilities and 14 anaerobic digesters [PBEA note: we count 109 digesters currently operational in PA], but more than half of the the state’s counties don’t have any. The report recommends updating state permitting regulations, offering grants or loans for new facilities and working with farmers to develop composting operations on their sites.

Article and further details here.

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